Pedego Santa Monica – Santa Monica, CA

See places where your car or tour bus can’t take you, and it’s unique! It’s an active and fun adventure where you choose to PEDAL… OR NOT.

WOW!” will likely be your first word when you turn on the power of your electric bike. WARNING: You may be accused of excessive smiling as you roll along the beach enjoying:

  • Sun, sand, surf and ocean breezes
  • The Marion Davies Guesthouse
  • Riding under the Santa Monica Pier
  • Rolling thru Venice
  • “Gem of our Tour” – the Venice Canals

Our easy ride beach cruisers are equipped with full suspension and comfortable seats. The bikes allow you to choose between pedaling (6 gears), electric motor power (a twist of the wrist), or both. The lithium power assist will ensure that you’re never far behind. PEDAL… OR NOT – Santa Monica, California.

The FUN 2-1/2 to 3 hour tours operate daily and are designed for 13+ who are comfortable bike riders.  $59 per person.